Summary of Plan Plan Amendments Framework Adjustments

The Mid-Atlantic Council leads the joint management of the Spiny Dogfish FMP, please check their site for upcoming meeting information.

Dogfish Committee

MAFMC Members
  • Rob O'Reilly (Chair)
  • Chris Batsavage
  • Jeff Deem
  • Dewey Hemilright
  • Peter Himchak
  • Mike Luisi
  • Stewart Michels
  • NEFMC Members
  • David Pierce (Vice Chair)
  • Frank Blount
  • Tom Dempsey
  • Terry Alexander
  • David Preble
  • Dogfish Advisory Panel
    Stephen Barndollar, NH John Jones, MA
    Merry Camhi, NY John Musick, VA
    Sonja Fordham, DC Ed Newman, NC
    Chris Hickman, NC William Reid, VA

    Dogfish Information

    Original FMP

    Final 2013–2015 Spiny Dogfish Fishery Specifications

    NMFS Atlantic Sturgeon Draft Biological Opinion for Seven New England Fisheries