Final Amendment 1
to the Atlantic Herring Fishery Management Plan
incuding a
Final Supplimental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS)
Initial Regularory Flexibility Analysis (IRFA)

Final Rule

Volume I

Sections 1- 3:        Document Organization/Table of Contents/Background andPurpose/Goals & Objectives

Section 4:              Proposed Management Action

Sections 5 - 6:       Alternatives To The Proposed Action
                            Rationale For The Proposed Management Action

Section 7:             Affected Environment

Sections 8 - 8.2:   Impacts on Atlantic Herring/Impacts on Protected Reasources
Section 8.3:          Impacts on the Physical Environment and EFH
Section 8.4:          Impacts on Fishery-Related Businesses and Communities (Fishery Impacts)             
Section 8.5:          Impacts on Other Fisheries             
Section 8.6:          Enforcement Analysis
Section 8.7:          Cumulative Effects                

Section 9:             Data and Research Needs

Section 10:           Consistancy with Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation And Management Act (MSFCMA)

Section 11:           Relationship To Other Applicable Law

Sections 12 - 15:   List of Public Meetings/Glossary/References/Index       

Volume II - (in its entirety) Includes the following Appendices:

Appendix I - Northeast Fisheries Science Center Reference Document 04-06: Stock Assessment of the Gulf of Maine-Georges Bank Atlantic Herring Complex, 2003

Appendix II - Recommendations from the Meeting of the Council's Scientific and Statistical Committee - June 19, 2003

Appendix III - Interest Group Proposals submitted for consideration in Amendment 1

Appendix IV - Draft Quota Allocation and DAS Options Document Reviewed at March 2004 Council Meeting

Appendix V - Research paper: The Role of Atlantic Herring, Clupea Harengus, in the Northwest Atlantic Ecosystem (NEFMC Staff September 2003)

Appendix VI - Gear Effects Evaluation for Amendment 1 to the Herring FMP (EFH Component)

Appendix VII - Project Report: Using Observers to Monitor Status of Atlantic Herring Spawining Stocks and Groundfish Bycatch in the Gulf of Maine (Maine Dept. of Marine Resources February 17, 1999)

Appendixx VIII - Industry Report: Herring Fishery Gear Selectivity Seminar December 13, 2004

Appendix IX - Consensus Report: Technical Review of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's Fishery Independent Herring Acoustic Survery, March 15/16, 2005

Appendix X - Bycatch Caps for Groundfish Stocks of Concern

Appendix XI - Detailed Community Profiles for Amendment 1 Communities of Interest

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