Summary of Plan Plan Amendments Framework Adjustments


Next Plan Development Team Conference Call - September 3, 2014

Next Advisory Panel and Committee Meetings - September 8-9, 2014

Meeting Summaries:

Small Mesh Multispecies Oversight Committee
NEFMC Members
  • Vincent Balzano (Chair)
  • Mark Gibson(Vice-Chair)
  • Mark Alexander
  • Frank Blount
  • Ellen Goethel
  • Peter Kendal
  • Matt McKenzie
  • Michael Pentony (NMFS)
MAFMC Members

Laurie Nolan

Whiting Advisory Panel

Joseph Branin, Highlands, NJ Hank Lankner, Montauk, NY
Vito Calomo (Chair), Gloucester, MA Tom Testaverde, Gloucester, MA
Dan Farnham (Vice-Chair), Montauk, NY  

SAFE Reports

Original Plan Amendment (Amendment 12 of the Northeast Multispecies Plan)


         Amendment 19 Information
         Final Amendment 19
         Amendment 19 Appendices
         Final Rule
         Amendment 19 Public Hearing Summaries
         Amendment 19 Public Hearing Document - revised May 2012
         Lakewood NJ
         Riverhead NY
         Plymouth, MA
         Portsmouth, NH
         Providence, RI
         Mansfield, MA

         Committee and Council Meeting Discussion Materials
         September 20, 2013 Joint Whiting/Skate Committee and Advisory Panel
         September 6, 2013 Advisory Panel Discussion Documents
         2012 Meetings               
         2011 Meetings

       Small Mesh Multispecies Scoping Hearing Information and Meeting Summaries
       Small Mesh Multispecies Scoping Document       

       Summary of written comments received
       Written Comments received during the scoping period for the proposed Small Mesh Multispecies Management Action

      Technical Documents
        Whiting Fishery Discard Estimation
        Analysis of relationship between whiting fishing and Mid-Atlantic fishery management actions
        Limited Access Qualification Analysis

       Public Hearing Summaries
       Gloucester, MA Scoping Hearing Summary- May 24, 2006
       Portland, ME Scoping Hearing Summary- May 25, 2006
       Narragansett, RI Scoping Hearing Summary - May 31, 2006
       Stonington, CT Scoping Hearing Summary - June 6, 2006
       Riverhead, NY Scoping Hearing Summary- June 7, 2006
       Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, Scoping Hearing Summary- June 8, 2006