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Original FMP

Framework Adjustment
Federal Register Publication Date
Date Implemented
Description of Action
This action eliminates the backstop provision adopted in Framework Adjustment 4 to the FMP, October 2007. The provision would have adjusted and possibly closed the monkfish fishery in FY 2009 if landings exceeded the target total allowable catch by more than 30 percent. Given that both stocks are rebuilt according to most recent assessment, the backstop provision is no longer deemed necessary.
This Action approves and implements revised biological reference points in the FMP to be consistent with the recommendations resulting from the most recent stock assessment for this fishery (Northeast Data Poor Stocks Working Group (DPWG, July 2007)), and approves and implements revised management measures to ensure that the monkfish management program succeeds in keeping landings within the target total allowable catch (TAC) levels.
10/22/07 (effectiveness date)
Sets target TACs, trip limits and DAS allocations for northern and southern areas for 2007-2009 fishing years, and beyond pending no action by the Councils; establishes DAS adjustment as a backstop for TAC overages in 2007; adjusts monkfish incidental catch limits in the northern area, and on scallop vessels fishing in special access areas; modifies the boundary of the Category H fishery.
To prohibit targeting monkfish on Multispecies B-regular DAS.
To modify the overfishing definition and implement annual adjustments to the management measures
Implemented management measures for FY 2002: Provided for a one-year delay in Year 4 default measures; adjusted trip limits to account for court decision on differential gear-based limits