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Part of the Essential Fish Habitat Omnibus Amendment 2
Part of Standardized Bycatch Reporting Methodology Omnibus Amendment
Was developed to address essential fish habitat (EFH) and bycatch issues, and to revise the FMP to address several issues raised during the public scoping process. This rule implements the following measures: a new limited access permit for qualified vessels fishing south of 3820'N. lat.; an offshore monkfish fishery in the Southern Fishery Management Area (SFMA); a maximum roller-gear disc diameter of 6 inches for trawl gear vessels fishing in the SFMA; closure of two deep-sea canyon areas to all gears when fishing under the monkfish days-at-sea (DAS) program; establishment of a research DAS set-aside program and a DAS exemption program; a North Atlantic Fisheries Organization Regulated Area Exemption Program; adjustments tot he monkfish incidental catch limits; a decrease in the monkfish minimum size in the SFMA; removal of the 20-day block requirement; and new additions to the list of actions that can be taken under the framework adjustment process contained in the FMP
Described and identified the Essential Fish Habitat for the monkfish fishery