Council Meeting Discussion Documents


Management Status
Groundfish PDT memo to the Committee dated April 9, 2013 (Amendment 18 progress)
Staff Presentation: Amendment 18 progress
Groundfish PDT memo to the Committee dated April 11, 2013 (EGB reporting issues)
NMFS Presentation: Performance of the Northeast Groundfish Fishery
Presentation: EGB reporting
Groundfish PDT memo to Committee dated April 7, 2013 (GOM cod catches assuming M=0.4)
Copy of GOM Cod Presentation, Michael Palmer, NEFSC
Letter from David Goethel to NEFMC dated March 3, 2013
Juvenile groundfish habitat and groundfish spawning area recommendations for Omnibus Habitat Amendment 2 (presentation)
Spatial Management Case Study Summary
Addendum - Going Forward
Table of groundfish spawning information found in the literature
Estimation of spatial management impacts on net fishery revenue
February 15, 2013 Recreational Advisory Panel meeting summary
Additional Correspondence
Groundfish Catch Reports
DRAFT - TMGC Quota Trading Mechanism Guiding Principles
Background Information - Maps and other supporting CATT analyses
Presentation: Generalized Additive Model Analysis: Summary of approach and highlights of results
Report: Seasonal variation in groundfish habitat associations in the Gulf of Maine–Georges Bank region
Initial groupings acc to Methratta & Link 2006
Hot Spots analysis parameters and statistics
DRAFT March 6, 2014 Committee meeting summary

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