Council Meeting and Oversight Committee Discussion Documents

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - Committee Meeting

Thursday, December 20, 2012 - Council Meeting

  Committee Meeting Agenda for Dec 19th
  Management Status
#1 Draft Framework Adjustment 48
#1b Errata: Revised Economic Impact Summary Tables
#1c Errata: Section SNE Winter Flounder AM Area Economic Impacts (p. 625)
  Draft Appendix
#2 Framework 48 Decision Document (this version is for the Committee meeting and will be updated for the Council meeting)
#3 Science and Statistical Committee Report dated December 13, 2012 on GB yellowtail flounder OFL
#4 Presentation on a proposed redfish fishery sector exemption
#5 FR: Proposed Rule to implement a targeted Redfish fishery for Sector vessels
#6 Groundfish Oversight Committee Report from November 5, 2012
#7a-f Groundfish Catch Reports
#8 Correspondence
#8a Additional Correspondence
#9 Staff Presentation: Analysis of Sector Exemptions to Year Round Closed Areas
#10 Staff Presentation: FW 48