Council Meeting Discussion Documents

Wednesday, June 24 & Thursday, June 25, 2009
  Management Status
#1 Decision document for Draft Amendment 16
#1a Supplement to Draft Amendment 16 Decision Document
#2 Amendment 16 Public Hearing Summaries
Wakefield, MA  
Portsmouth, NH
Portland, ME
New London, CT 
So. Kingstown, RI

Groundfish Advisory Panel Meeting Summary, May 26, 2009

#4 Recreational Advisory Panel Meeting Summary, May 27, 2009
#5 Groundfish Plan Developement Team meeting report, June 4, 2009

Public Comments on Draft Amendment 16
Example #1 - #6 of Batch Emails received
Examples of Batch Postcards received (248 total)
Individual comments received via email
Recreational Comments Received Via Email
Comments received by Proposed Sector Participants
Comments received by Government Agencies
Written Letters received via Mail/Fax or Email

#7 US/CA Resources Sharing Understanding catch reports
Eastern US/Canada Cod Catch
US/Canada Haddock Catch
US/Canada Yellowtail Catch
#8 Draft Amendment 16 and its DEIS
#9 Correspondence

#9a - 9e

Additional Correspondence
NMFS/NEFMC re: GB Cod Comparisons

NMFS re:GB Cod
ASFMC re: Winter Flounder
Eric Hesse
Eric Brazer

#10 Late Comments for Amendment 16
#11 Staff Presentation : Amendment 16
#12 Groundfish Oversight Committee Meeing Motions from June 17, 2009 meeting
#13 Groundfish Committee Meeting Motions prepared for June Council Meeting