Council Meeting Discussion Documents

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

  Management Status
#1 Draft accumulation limits scoping document
#2 Council sector workshop agenda/plan (to be distributed)
#3 August 11, 2011 Oversight Committee Meeting Summary
#4 Groundfish Plan Development Team call summary dated August 5, 2011
#5 TRAC status reports for GB yellowtail flounder (2011/01), EGB cod (2011/02) and EGB haddock (2011/03)
#5a Presentation: TRAC status report
#6 TMGC Guidance Documet for 2012
#7 Groundfish Catch Reports
#8 Draft Framework 47 measures
#9 Report for Fishing Year 2010 on the Performance of the Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Fishery (May 2010  - April 2011) **See 1:45 pm Agenda item
#9a Presentation for Report on FY 2010 Performatnce of Groundfish
#10 A Review of Observer and Monitoring Programs in the Northeast, West Coast, and Alaska; Environmental Defense Fund, September 2011 **See 1 pm Agenda item
#11 Correspondence
#12 Additional Correspondence

Letter from NOAA/NMFS re:FY2010 Groudfish Catch in Scallop Fishery
Letter from NOAA/NMFS re: FY2010 Recreational Groundfish Catch

#13 Presentation: FW 47 Draft Measures