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NEFSC Groundfish Performance Report Presentation

Sector Year End Report Summary Presentation

Amendment 16 Goals and Objectives Presentation

Public Comment Period & Panel #1 Visioning

Panel #2

Correction to NEFSC Groundfish Report

Panel #3
ACE Trading & Usage

Public Comments & Panel #4
Data Management

Panel #5
Effort Controls

Panel #6
Communications and the Role of Sector Managers as well as Summary Reports from Breakout Groups

"Lessons Learned" Sector Workshop, October 25-26, 2011 - Portland, ME

Agenda for both days

Presentation: Sector Year End Reports for Fishing Year 2010 - Mark Grant

Sector Managers response to Council's request for information in advance of the workshop:
NEFS II - David Leveille, Sector Manager
NEFS III - Nicolas Brancaleone, Sector Manager
NEFS V with attachment- Daniel Salerno, Sector Manager
NEFS VI - Jim Reardon, Sector Manager
NEFS VII & VIII - Linda McCann, Sector Manager
NEFS IX - Stephanie Rafael, Sector Manager
NEFS X - Jim Reardon, Sector Manager
NEFS XI & XII - Joshua Wiersma, Sector Manger
NEFS XIII - John Haran, Sector Manager
Port Clyde Sector - Ben Martens, Sector Manager
Sustainable Harvest Sector - Hank Soule, Sector Manager
Georges Bank Cod Fixed Gear Sector - Eric Brazer, Sector Manager
Maine Permit Bank Sector - Trisha De Graaf, Sector Manager
Tri-State Sector - Cindy Smith, Sector Manager
Northeast Coastal Communities Sector - Aaron Dority, Sector Manager

Presentation: Review of Expanded Analyses in the NEFSC Groundfish Performance Report, Drew Kitts

Staff White Paper: Amendment 16 Goals and Objectives

Presentation: Amendment 16 Goals and Objectives


Additional Correspondence

Sector FY 2010 End of Year Accounting of NE Multispecies Catch