Northeast Multispecies
Fishery Management Plan

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Introduction and Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction to the Management Program

Part Two: Description Of The Resource

Part Three: Description Of The Fishery

Part Four: The Management Unit

Part Five: Conceptual/Analytical Basis For Plan Development

Part Six: Management Objective

Part Seven: Management Program Development

Part Eight: Data And Research Needs

Part Nine: EIS Completeness Information

Part Ten: References

Part Eleven: Administrative Record

Appendix 3A.1 - Trip Catches by Otter Trawls - 1973-1976-1979-1982

Appendix 3A.2 - Annual Landings of Otter Trawl Vessels - 1973-1976-1979

Appendix 3A.3 - Total Yearly Landings - 1973-1982

Appendix to Section 7A - Landings and Price Levels for 7 Options