press releases 2006

11/20/06 New England Fishery Council Approves New Monkfish Rules
11/17/06 New England Fishery Council Requests Interim Action to Prevent Scallop Overfishing
10/02/06 New England Fishery Council Elects 2006-2007 Officers
09/29/06 NE Fishery Council Sets Herring Fishing Limits in the Gulf of Maine
NE Fishery Council and Coast Guard Encourage More Attention to Safety at Sea
06/16/06 NMFS Solicits Proposals for the NEFMC 2007 Sea Scallop Research Set-Aside Program
06/14/06 NMFS Solicits Proposals for the NEFMC 2007 Monkfish Research Set-Aside Program
04/06/06 NE Council Plans to Limit Scallop General Category Vessel Fishing
04/05/06 Council Reaffirms Decision on New Groundfish Rules
02/10/06 Qualified Individuals Encouraged to Apply for NE Fishery Council Membership
02/03/06 New Groundfish Rules to Target Stocks of Concern
02/02/06 New England Fishery Council Moves Forward on Ecosystems Approaches
02/02/06 Council Will Consider Controls for General Category Vessels
02/01/06 NE Fishery Council Limits Access to the Herring Fishery and Protects Inshore Stock Components