press releases 2011

12/22/11 NE Fishery Council to Hold Scoping Hearings on Groundfish Accumulation Limits and Fleet Diversity
10/26/11 NEFMC Press Release - Federal Fishery Council Hears From Fishermen About Catch Shares Program
6/23/11 NE Fishery Council Addresses Management Review, Commits to Improvements
06/15/11 NE Fishery Management Council to Attend the National Workshop on Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning
05/16/11 NE Fish Council Leadership Responds to Interim Report About Groundfish Fishery Economics
04/29/11 Council Proposes Increasing Haddock Catch Cap To Aid Herring Fishery
04/27/11 Fishery Council Takes Heed of Report on Management Process, Commits to Moving Forward
01/27/11 NEFMC Press Release - Skates