New England Fishery Management Council Risk Policy Workshop
Discussion Documents

Held March 20-21, 2013

Cover Letter

Workshop Background
Workshop Steering Committee memo
NEFMC Staff memo - June 2011
Discussion paper - Considerations for Developing a Risk Policy Underlying Annual Catch Limits
Risk Policy Steering Committee Discussion Paper - Considerations for Developing a Risk Policy Underlying Annual Catch Limits

MSA and National Standard 1
Excerpts from Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act
Excerpts from NS 1
Excerpts from NOAA Fisheries 'Question and Answers Related to Annual Catch Limits and NS 1 Guidance - full document available

Risk and Uncertainty

National Standard 1: ACLs and Scientific Uncertainty Control Rules and Scientific Uncertainty, Methot, Willams
Deriving Acceptable Biological Catch from the Overfishing Limit: Implications for Assessment Models
Michael H. Prager and Kyle W. Shertzer

Regional Examples

Risk Policy & Managing for Uncertainty Across the Regional Fishery Management Councils
MAFMC Omnibus Amendment Excerpt
Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council ABC Control Rule Framework and Risk Policy
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council (GMFMC) Acceptable Biological Catch control rule
GMFMC DRAFT Proposed risk policy (proposed by SSC, not yet adopted by Council
GMFMC P-Formulation Spreadsheet 201
GMFMC Review of Overfishing

Fisheries Leadership and Sustainability Forum
Workshop Participant List

Technical Papers for Further Reading

On The Quantitative Definition of Risk Stanley Kaplan and B. John Garrick
A framework for risk analysis in fisheries decision-making D. E. Lane and R. L. Stephenson
Risk management for fisheries Suresh A Sethi
ICES Journal of Marine Science - Evaluating the impact of buffers to account for scientific uncertainty when setting TACs: application to red king crab in Bristol Bay, Alaska
ICES Journal of Marine Science - Quantifying the tradeoff between precaution and yield in fishery reference points
Accessing Vulnerabilities: Integratin Information about Driving Forces that Affect Risks and Resilience in Fishing Communities
A rapid impact and vulnerability assessment approach for commercial fisheries management
Management strategies for short-lived species: The case of Australia’s Northern Prawn Fishery
Factors affecting management uncertainty in U.S. fisheries and methodological solutions
Potential modifications to the IPHC harvest policy
Targets and Limits for Management of Fisheries: A Simple Probability-Based Approach
NEFMC SSC Committee White Paper - Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management