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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

  Management Status

Report Exploring Bycatch Reduction in the Haddock Fishery Through the Use of the Eliminator Trawl with Fishing Vessels in the 250 to 550 HP Range


Appendix to report


Publication - Challenges and Opportunities of Open Data in Ecology, Science, Vol 331, February 2011


The following reports and accompanying technical reviews are provided on the enclosed CD and are listed below

a. . Drifter study of a front in the Maine coastal current system off Penobscot Bay, Maine, Lewis S. Incze, Aquatic Systems Group, Proctor Wells, James Manning NEFSC, D. Grooks
      b.   A biological study of the sand lance in the southern GOM, Dr. Les Kaufman and Briana Brown, Boston University
      c.   Selective gear research and development to reduce bycatch: Investigating the use of square mesh side panels and increased taper in a groundfish trawl, Capt. Stanley Coffin, Dana Morse Maine Seagrant, Claudia Coffin and Capt Kelo S. Pinkham
      d.   Effects of the Western Gulf of Maine Closure Area on groundfish populations in rocky habitats, Raymond E Grizzle UNH  
      e.   An Atlas Based Audit of Fishing Territories, Local Knowledge, and the Potential for Community Participation in Fisheries Science and Management, Kevin St. Martin, Madeleine Hall-Arber
      f.    Mapping mobility: The movement of New England Multispecies vessels and crew in New England and beyond from 1994-2004, Jennifer Brewer, Sarah Robinson 
      g.   Testing raised-webbing gillnets to reduce bycatch of cod while targeting pollock, Steve Eayrs and Daniel J. Salerno, GOMRI
      h. Haddock migration in New England Waters: Analysis of closed areas and stock boundaries, Tom Rudolph, Cape Cod Hook Fishermen’s Association

#5 RSC meeting summaries February 28, 2011; March 16 and April 14 (combined). These documents will be mailed out to members prior to April 26-28 Council meeting.
#6 Issue Summary Research Catch Accounting
#7 Presentation on Research Steering Meetings