Council Meeting Discussion Documents

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

  Management Status
  Research Committee memo re: Research papers

Draft RSC meeting summary for August 6, 2009, with attachments

The text of the following reports and accompanying technical reviews are provided on CDs. To request a copy, please contact Woneta Cloutier at 978/465-0492 Ext. 10.

    1. “Employment, income, working conditions and vessel safety in New Bedford,” (NEC); UMASS Dartmouth; Dr. Daniel Georgianna and Debra Shrader, Shore Support
    2. “Institutionalizing social science data collection,” (NEC); Madeleine Hall-Arber, David Bergeron and Bonnie McCay
    3. “Charting anecdotal information and oral histories on Stellwagen Bank from local commercial fisherman,” (NEC); Madeline Hall-Arber and Rhonda Ryznar
    4. “Staying Alive: Promoting a culture of safety at sea in New England’s fishing industry,” (NMFS); David Bergeron and Madeleine Hall-Arber, MA Fishermen’s Partnership
    5. “An atlas-based audit of fishing territories, local knowledge, and community participation in fisheries science and management,” (NEC); Kevin St. Martin and Madeleine Hall-Arber
    6. “Development of multi-beam sonar as a fisheries tool for stock assessment and EFH identification of groundfish in the western Gulf of Maine;” (NEC); W. Huntting Howell, UNH
    7. “Intensive study of the Western GOM Closure Area,” (NEC); Raymond Grizzle, Jackson Estuarine Laboratory, Department of Zoology, UNH
    8. “An assessment of escape vent selectivity, bycatch and discard survivability in the New England fishery for deep water red crab,” (NMFS); Dr. Shelly Tallack, GMRI
    9. “An industry-science partnership investigating the short-term and long-term discard mortality of spiny dogfish using hook gear in GOM waters,” (NEC); GOM Research Institute, Shelly Tallack and Lara Slifka, CCCHFA
    10. “An Evaluation of finfish bycatch rates inside the Great South Channel Scallop Dredge Exemption Area for the General Category Scallop Fishery,” (NMFS); Maggie Raymond, Associated Fisheries of Maine, Dr. Graham Sherwood, Laura Taylor Singer and Catherine Salerno, GMRI
    11. “Design and test of grid devices to improve size and species selectivity in the Gulf of Maine multispecies trawl fishery,” (NEC); Dr. Pingguo He, UNH, and industry partner Bart McNeel
    12. “Design and test of a topless shrimp trawl and a size sorting grid system to reduce finfish bycatch and small shrimps in the pink shrimp fishery,” (NMFS); Dr. Pingguo He, UNH