June 3-5, 2008
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Council Meeting Documents

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Research Steering Documents

Management Status

Draft Meeting Summary from the May 19-20, 2008 Research Steering Committee Meeting

NEFMC Research Review Policy

Reports Reviewed by the RSC – May 19-20, 2008

Field Trials of 4” Rings in the Inshore Scallop Fishery of the Gulf of Maine submitted by Dana L. Morse, Maine Sea Grant/UMCE

Identification of Life History Parameters for Two Exploited Skate Species (Amblyraja radiata and Malacoraja senta) in the Gulf of Maine: Strategies for Fisheries Management submitted by Paul C. W. Tsang, Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire

Comparison Of Catch And Bycatch With Beam And Otter Trawls In The Northeast Shrimp Fishery submitted by Captain Bill Lee F/V Ocean Reporter

Comparison Of Catch And Bycatch With The Addition Of Escape Holes To Otter Trawl Nets In The Northeast Shrimp Fishery submitted by Bill Lee, Melissa Hall and Allan Michael, Cape Ann Fisheries Institute

Inshore Gulf of Maine Acoustic Survey of Atlantic Herring Sentinel Spawning Grounds prepared by Daniel Salerno Gulf of Maine Research Institute

A Project to Define Monkfish Trawl Gear and Areas that Reduce Groundfish Bycatch and to ­Minimize the Impacts of Monkfish Trawl Gear On Groundfish Habitat submitted by The Groundfish Group, Associated Fisheries of Maine

A Fishing Gear Workshop by Fishermen for Non-fishermen, Project leader, Kenneth J. La Valley, Sea Grant

Habitat-Dependent Catch Composition and Food Web Dynamics in the Western Gulf of Maine Closure, Stellwagen Bank submitted by Less Kaufman, Principal Investigator

Habitats: An Analysis Of Recovery in the Western Gulf of Maine Closure submitted by Emily P. Knight

Environmental Monitors on Lobster Traps (eMOLT) submitted by J. Manning, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
                       Phase I: Temperature
                       Phase II: Salinity
                       Phase III: Database Management
                       Phase IV: Drifters

Indentifying Habitat Associations Of Early Juvenile Cod In Nearshore, Gulf of Maine Waters
submitted by, Jonathan H. Grabowski & Julen Gaudette, GMRI

Identification of Juvenile Groundfish Habitat within Nearshore Waters of the Gulf of Maine submitted by Jonathan H. Grabowski, GMRI

Characterization of Essential Fish Habitat In the Western Gulf of Maine submitted by Allan D. Michael, ADM Assoc. and Charlotte Gogswell , John H. Ryther, Jr., Christopher Wright, CR Environmental

The Trophic Ecology of Atlantic Cod: Insights from Tri-monthly, Localized Scales of Sampling submitted by Theodore J. Ligenza, Brian E. Smith, Frank P. Almeida, and Jason S. Link, Principal Investigators

Pilot Project to Assess Need and Initialize a Methodology to Groundtruth Existing Multibeam and Sidescan Sonar Seafloor Charts submitted by, Dr. Kathryn Ford, MA DMF

Reducing Seabed Contact of Trawling: Design and model test of a semi-pelagic shrimp trawl for the pink shrimp fishery submitted by Pingguo He, Principal Investigator, UNH Cooperative Extension

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