Committee Meeting Documents

Monday, February 28, 2011

Meeting Notice
Report: Testing raised-webbing gillnets to reduce bycatch of cod while targeting Pollock
Report: A biological study of the sand lance in the southern Gulf of Maine
Report: Drifter study of a front in the Maine coastal current system off Penobscot Bay, Maine
Report: Selective gear research and development to reduce bycatch:
Investigating the use of square mesh side panels and increased taper in a groundfish trawl

Report: An Atlas-Based Audit of Fishing Territories, Local Knowledge, and the Potential for Community Participation in Fisheries Science and Management

Report: Mapping mobility: The movement of New England multispecies vessels and crew in New England and beyond from 1994-2004

Report: Structures and Strategies of New England Groundfishing Businesses in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in 'Fishing Year' 2003

Report: Haddock migration in New England waters: Analysis of closed areas and stock boundaries

Report: Effects of the Western Gulf of Maine Closure Area on groundfish populations in rocky habitats

Research Review Policy
Article:Challenges and Opportunities of Open Data in Ecology

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