Council Meeting Discussion Documents

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
  Management Status
#1 Final EA for Scallop Framework 21 including Appendix 1 (submitted to NMFS December 17, 2009)

Specific Background documents for agenda item
2a. SSC Report: Scallop Fishery Management Plan Acceptable Biological Catch (ABC) in Amendment 15 and Framework Adjustment 21
2b. Brief summary of FW21 useful values
2c. Detailed overview of economic analyses in Framework 21 and additional analyses
2d. Staff comments on Short Term Economic Impacts of FW21 prepared by Dr. Dan Georgianna
2e. Memo re: Allocation of Yellowtail Flounder to the Scallop and Multispecies Fisheries

#3 Staff presentation of Framework 21 decision
#4 Scallop Framework 21 Comments received since the November 2009 Council Meeting