Council Meeting Discussion Documents

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

  Management Status

Amendment 15 DEIS


Written comments on Amendment 15


Summary of written comments received on Amendment 15


Summary of oral testimony at Amendment 15 public hearings


Decision Document for Amendment 15 including summary of analyses (an updated version will be distributed at the meeting with input from AP and Committee on preferred alternatives from their meetings on September 22 and 23)


Draft Scallop Committee meeting summary (September 7, 2010)


Additional analyses of potential impacts on other fisheries


P. Wekesser
P. Wekesser
New Bedford Harbor Development Commission
Associated Fisheries of Maine

#9 Motions with Rationale from the September 23, 2010 Scallop Oversight Committee meeting
#10 Presentation:Final Action, Amendment 15
#11 Updated Section of A15 DEIS for Scallop Committee Meeting on September 23, 2010

Please see Tab 1 for information on SAW 50 – scallop assessment results
Please see Tab 12 for information on SSC Recommendation for ABC for Framework 22
Please see Tab 3 for information on the Joint Groundfish/Scallop Committee