Summary of Plan Plan Amendments Framework Adjustments

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Meeting Summaries: 

Skate Committee

NEFMC Members
  • Peter Kendall (Chair)
  • Tom Dempsey(Vice-Chair)
  • Mark Gibson
  • David Pierce
  • John Quinn
  • Michael Sissenwine
  • Michael Pentony (NMFS)
  • MAFMC Member
  • Laurie Nolan
  • Skate Advisory Panel
    Richard Canastra, No. Dartmouth, MA Greg Matarona, Little Compton, RI
    Corinne Endres, Westport, MA Daniel Nordstrom, Acushnet, MA
    Sonja Fordham, Columbia, MD Paul Parker, Chatham, MA
    Andrea Incollingo, West Kingston, RI Ted Platz, Newport, RI
    John Mandelman, PhD, Boston, MA Dr. James Sulikowski, Biddeford, ME
    Brian Marder, New Bedford, MA David Wallace, Cambridge, MD
      Robert Westcott, Wakefield, R

    Original FMP

    SAFE Reports & Annual Reviews

    ACL Monitoring Reports


    Atlantic Sturgeon Maps
    NMFS Atlantic Sturgeon Draft Biological Opinion for Seven New England Fisheries

    NOAA 90_Day Findings on Skate Petitions

    Skate Specifications 2012-2013
    2012-2013 Northeast Skate Complex Specifications
    Appendix I -An Evaluation of Calibration Options for the application of FSV Henry B. Bigelow Skate Indices for Setting Allowable Biological Catch and for Status Determination
    Appendix II - 2012-2013 Skate Complex Acceptable Catch Limit Recommendations by the Skate Plan Development Team

    Framework 1

    Northeast Skate Complex Framework 1 - dated March 23, 2011
    Final Rule

    2012 Annual Monitoring Report Northeast Skate Complex

    Council and Committee Meetings
    2014 Meetings
    2013 Meetings
    2011 Meetings

    Final Amendment 3
    Final Rule
    Final Amendment 3 to the Northeast Skate Complex

    Appendix I
    NMFS Summary of Skate Regulations

    Technical Advice
    Skate PDT memo: Adjustments to skate specifications to account for discards

    Management Information   
    Skate Plan summary
    Summary of Skate Fishing Regulations
    Skate Identification Guide