Council Meeting Discussion Documents

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
  Management Status
#1 SSC committee meeting report by Dr. Steven Cadrin including presentation and recommendations of operating procedures memo
#2 Memo from Executive Paul J. Howard with attached NS2 comments from SSC members and Council staff, and including the NS2 proposed rule published in the Federal Register on December 11
#3 a. December 1, 2009 memo containing the Terms of Reference and background information to facilitate the SSC review of the SASI model
b. March 26, 2009 SSC memo to former PDT Chair Chad Demarest with technical feedback on EFH Omnibus Omnibus 2 and the SASI model
c. December 4, 2009 document titled SASI Model: A Tool for Analyzing the Effects of Fishing on Essential Fish Habitat
#4 Revised 2009-2013 Research Priorities and Data Needs
#5 SSC tasks and meeting schedule for 2010
#6 NEFMC SSC Policy from Operations Handbook