Committee Meeting Discussion Documents

Friday, November 15, 2013

Meeting Notice
Scallop Discussion Documents
Memo:November 15, 2013 SSC Meeting - Terms of Reference for Scallops
ICES Journal article: Quantifying the tradeoff between precaution and yield in fishery reference points Deborah R. Hart
Summary of Sea Scallop stock status and fishery (DRAFT)
Working Draft Framework 25 to the Scallop FMP
Presentation:Sea scallop ABC and Fishery Status Update Dvora Hart
SSC Memo re: Scallop OFL and ABC recommendations for fishing years 2014 and 2015.
Draft Stock Assessment Terms of Reference for SAW/SARC59
Abstract: Yield- and biomass-per-recruit analysis for rotational fisheries, with an application to the Atlantic sea scallop
Underwater Observations on Tracks of Dredges and Trawls and Some Effects of Drerlging on a Scallop Ground
Environmental Effects of Offshore Dredge Fisheries for Bivalves
Discard and Incidental Mortality from SARC 50
Staff Presentation: Framework 25
Groundfish Discussion Documents
Memo from Executive Director, Tom Nies to SSC re:Groundfish Assessment Timing
2012 Update of the Gulf of Maine haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) stock assessment: an update of the resource through calendar year 2010.
SSC September 2012 meme re: Groundfish ABC for FY2013-2015
Groundfish PDT memo to SSC re: GOM haddock, ABCs, November 7, 2013
GF PDT memo re: GB haddock stock spillover to GOM haddock stock
SSC memo re: Spillover of haddock between the Georges Bank and Gulf of Maine stocks
Skate Discussion Documents
Skate PDT memo re: NE Skate Complex ABCs for FY 2014 - 2015
NEFSC update on skate stocks
Short-term post-release mortality of skates (family Rajidae) discarded in a western North Atlantic commercial otter trawl fishery
Notice of 90-day petition finding
SSC 2009 memo re: SSC Recommendations on Skate Amendment 3
Presentation: Skate Specifications 2014-2015

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