Workshop on Ecosystem – based Fisheries Management
New England Fishery Council Scientific and Statistical Committee
August 26-27, 2009
Marriott Hotel, Newport, Rhode Island


DRAFT Terms or Reference
Final Workshop Agenda
Presentation: Workshop on Ecosystem-Based Management by SSC Committee
FAO Technical Guidelines For Responsible Fisheries: The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries
Presentation:Progress towards EBFM in New Englandt by Chad Demarest
Presentation:California Fisheries by Les Kaufman
Presentation: Eastern Scotian Shelf Integrated Management by Tana Worcester
Presentation:Canadian Georges Bank fishery by Stratis Gavaris
Presentation:Australian Fisheries by O'Boyle, Rosenberg & Smith (Steve Cadrin)
Presentation: Chesapeake Bay by Ed Houde
Presentation: Science Support for Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management for the Northeast US Continental Shelf by Michael Fogarty
Fisheries ecosystem planning for the Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay Action Plan. Strengthening the management, coordination and accountability of the Chesapeake Bay Program. A Report to Congress
Ecosystem-based fisheries management in Chesapeake Bay. Information on Ongoing Project to Develop EBFM Plans - website only
Governance for Responsible Fisheries: an Ecosystem Approach
"Best Practices” For Fisheries Management - Baltic Sea 2020
Investing in natural capital as management strategy in fisheries: The case of the Baltic Sea cod fishery
Operational Issues in U.S. Fisheries Management: What Are Some of The Major Scientific, Political, and Legal Hurdles to Implementing Ecosystem-based Management?
Integrated Ecosystem Assessments: Developing the Scientific Basis for Ecosystem-Based Management of the Ocean
Observations on the implementation of ecosystem-based management:
Experiences on Canada’s east and west coasts
POLICY FORUM - Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management
Design of operational management strategies for achieving
fishery ecosystem objectives
An empirical approach to ecosystem-based fishery management
Scientific tools to support the practical implementation of ecosystem-based fisheries management
A complex quota-managed fishery: science and management in Australia’s
Southeast Fishery. Introduction and Overview